Guild By-Laws & Standing Rules


Article I           NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Granbury Quilters’ Guild, hereafter referred to in this document as The Guild.

Article II          PURPOSE

Section 1:        The purpose of The Guild is to assist quilters in the pursuit and development of their craft, and to enhance
their knowledge and enjoyment of quilting through the sharing of resources in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Section 2:        To participate in charitable projects through quilt making and/or other crafts and to further any other aims
and purposes approved by the majority of the membership.

Section 3:        The Guild is a non-profit organization.

Article III         MEMBERSHIPS

Section 1:        Membership is open to any person who is interested in quilts or quilting.

Section 2:        Any individual may become a member of The Guild by payment of annual dues.

Section 3:        Levels of membership are as follows:

    Regular Member:  Any individual who pays 100% of the annual dues.
    Senior Member:  Any individual over 80 years of age, and is not required to pay annual dues.
    Junior Member:  Any individual 12 -17 years of age, will pay 50% of the annual dues.
  1. Must be sponsored by a guild member who is in good standing.
  2. May neither vote nor hold any elected office or committee chair.
  3. Must have a signed a signed disclaimer from parent or guardian and must be accompanied by their sponsor in order to attend any workshop.

Section 4:        The Guild’s membership roster may neither be lent nor used by any other organization.

Section 5:        A Guild member may not solicit donations in the name of The Guild without prior approval of the Board.

Article IV         DUES STRUCTURE

Section 1:        The amount of annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the Board, and approved by the membership at the beginning of each fiscal year, January 1 through December 31.

Section 2:        Dues are payable to The Guild’s Treasurer.  (See The Guild’s Standing Rules for the amount of current dues.)

Section 3:        Payment of yearly membership dues for all renewing members shall be required no later than the January meeting of each year.

Section 4:        Dues for new members must be paid in full no later than their third visit to a regular meeting.


Section 1:        Shall consist of the elected officers (President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and the non-voting Parliamentarian.

Section 2:        Shall meet at the request of the President.

Section 3:        Shall perform the duties prescribed by the By-Laws and the parliamentary authority adopted by the organization.

Section 4:        Shall approve all use of the non-profit tax ID number and the solicitation of vendors.

Section 5:        A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 6:        Elected officers shall serve no more than two consecutive years in the same office.

Article VI         THE BOARD

Section 1:        Shall consist of the elected officers, Chair of each Standing Committee, the non-voting Parliamentarian, and non-voting Liaison Chairs.

Section 2:        Shall manage the affairs of the Guild; must bring major activity decisions to the membership for approval.

Section 3:        Shall be limited to members of the Guild.

Section 4:        May accept on behalf of the Guild any contribution, gift or bequest.

Section 5:        Decisions made at a meeting of the Board shall be made by a majority vote, a quorum of at least 50% being present.


Section 1:        President

a.            Shall have been a member of the Guild for at least one year.

b.            Shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board, and the Guild.

c.            Shall vote only in case of a tie or when the vote is by paper ballot.

d.            Shall have signature authority on the Guild checking account to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer and must co-sign checks in the amount of $500.00 or more.

e.            Shall preside over elections; shall accept nominations from the floor with the nominee’s consent.

f.            The newly elected President, following installation in December, shall appoint the audit committee as outlined in Standing Rule #9

g.            Shall appoint all committee chairpersons and the Parliamentarian.

Section 2:            The 1st Vice President

a.            Shall preside in the absence of the President.

b.            Shall be responsible for communications with Guild membership as directed by the President.

c.            Shall chair the Nominating Committee.

d.            Shall be responsible for maintaining the Guild Fixed Asset Catalog.

Section 3:            The 2nd Vice President

a.            Shall preside in the absence of the President and the 1st Vice President during the elected year.

b.            Shall be responsible for organizing and making arrangements for the monthly programs and workshops from March of the elected year through February of the following year.

1.            Workshops will be primarily for members.  Guests will be charged a non-member fee, and any profits will be placed into the Program/Workshop budget for that fiscal year.  (See Standing Rule #10)

2.            Shall submit to the board any requests for programs or workshops that extend beyond February of the following year.

3.            Shall submit program and workshop information to the Newsletter and Publicity chair each month.

4.            Shall submit the new year’s programs and workshops to the membership chair for publication in the membership book.

Section 4:            The Secretary

a.            Shall be responsible for recording and presenting the minutes of the Executive Committee and Board meetings, monthly Guild meetings, and any special called meeting.

b.            Shall notify Board members of any special Board meetings.

c.            Shall be responsible for giving a copy of the Guild meeting minutes to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the newsletter.

d.            Shall handle correspondence as directed by the President and the Board.

e.            Shall maintain an accurate account of Standing Rules and bylaws.

Section 5:            The Treasurer

a.            Shall receive and disperse all monies for The Guild.

b.            Shall keep and maintain a record of all receipts and expenditures, and balance the checkbook on a monthly basis.

c.            Shall have the current year’s books ready for the semi-annual and annual audits at the appointed times. (See Standing Rules #9)

d.            Shall present an annual projected budget incorporating committee recommendations for review by The Board in February.

e.            Shall file the appropriate non-profit Status 501c (3) status tax forms to the State Comptroller.

f.            Shall forward any changes to bylaws and Standing Rules to the State Comptroller according to 501c (3) status.

g.            Must co-sign checks with the President in the amount of $500.00 or more.

Article VIII           MEETINGS

Section 1:            Parliamentary Authority

a.            Shall be Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 10th Edition

b.            The Parliamentarian will be appointed by the President as a non-voting member of the Board.

Section 2:            Regular Meetings

a.            Shall be the 3rd Monday evening of each month at a time and place determined by the board.             

b.            Shall consist of a business portion, a program or event, and/or Show and Tell.

c.            The agenda shall be in the following order:

1.  Approval of Minutes

2.  Reports of officers and any standing committee

3.  Reports of special committees

4.  Unfinished business

5.  New business

6.  Show and Tell

7.  Program

d.            A quorum shall constitute 40 percent of the membership for any regular or special meeting of the Guild.

e.            Motions made at any business meeting must be passed by a simple majority of the members present.  Each member has one vote and must be present to cast a vote. (See standing Rule #12)

Section 3:            Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Guild or the Board must be called with a minimum of three days notice by telephone, e-mail, or other means.

Section 4:            Election of Officers

Election of Officers shall be held at the November meeting and the newly elected Officers will be installed at the December meeting.

Article IX             STANDING COMMITTEES

Section 1:

Shall be Block of the Month, Community Service, Door Prize, Fund Raising, Historian, Hospitality, Membership, Newsletter, Publicity, Quilt Show, Retreat, Show and Tell, Sunshine and Shadow and Webmaster.

a.            Chairpersons shall serve no more than two consecutive years in the same position with the exception of Webmaster, Newsletter, and other chairs critical to the Guild.

b.            May consist of more than one person, but only the Chair is authorized to vote.

c.            Chairpersons of each committee shall present to the Board a quarterly report of expenditures and current balance.

d.            Chairpersons shall maintain a detailed record of procedures to give to incoming Chairpersons.

e.            Each committee shall present a budget to the Executive Committee at the January Board meeting for consideration in the annual budget.

Section 2:            Block of the Month Committee

a.            Shall be responsible for choosing the Block of the Month.

b.            Shall be responsible for purchasing the material and assembling the kits.

c.            Shall handle the drawing at the Guild meeting.

d.            Shall be responsible of all monies received and disbursed.

Section 3:            Community Service Committee

a.            Shall present to the Board for approval in January (no later than February) any proposed projects for the year.  After approval by the Board, the recommendation will be presented to the general membership for approval.

b.            Shall coordinate with the 2nd Vice-President for any workshops involving charitable projects.

Section 4:            Door Prize Committee

a.            Shall be responsible for purchasing the monthly door prize.

b.            Shall offer chances on such door prize at the meeting.

c.            Shall conduct the drawing at the meeting.

d.            Shall be responsible for all monies received and disbursed.

e.            See Standing Rules #7 for the limit to be spent and price of tickets.

Section 5:            Fund Raising Committee

a.            Shall be responsible for the planning of any fund raising activities other than the Quilt Show.

b.            Shall turn over monies collected to the Treasurer.

c.            Shall maintain accurate records necessary for payment of any state sales tax.

d.            Shall follow the directions listed in Article XIV, Non Profit Status 501c (3) for Guild fundraising.

Section 6:            Historian

a.            Shall be responsible for keeping a historical book of the Guild including newsletters, news clippings, correspondence, and other notices concerning the Guild.

b.            Shall be custodian of Guild historical Books.

Section 7:            Hospitality

a.            Shall be responsible for coordinating refreshments provided by members to be served at the Guild meetings.

b.            Shall purchase and maintain all paper products.

c.            Shall coordinate potluck dinners. (See Standing Rule #11)

Section 8:            Membership Committee

a.            Shall maintain an up-to-date Membership Roster and give a monthly copy to the President and the Newsletter Editor.

b.            Shall assist new members with registration and inform them of the Guild functions and activities.

c.            Shall distribute membership cards; keep name tag supplies, new member information packets, and any other pertinent materials.

d.            Shall turn over all dues received to the Treasurer.

e.            Shall compile the Membership Book and distribute it to the general membership no later than March of each year.

f.            Shall provide sign-in sheets for members and guests.

g.            Shall conduct name tag drawing as stated in Standing Rule #5.

Section 9:            Newsletter

a.            Shall be responsible for publishing and distributing the guild’s monthly newsletter at least one week prior to the Guild meeting. (See Standing Rule #8)

b.            Shall have the discretion as to edit any submission and to determine whether it is appropriate for publication.

c.            Shall provide a copy of the monthly newsletter to the Historian.

d.            Shall advise the Board and the membership of the deadline for acceptance of submissions and reports for the current newsletter.

Section 10:          Publicity

a.            Shall be responsible for all publicity promoting the activities of the Guild.

b.            Shall be responsible for all publicity for the Quilt Show.

Section 11:          Quilt Show Committee

a.            Shall consist of two co-chairpersons appointed by the incoming president in January of the year prior to the Quilt Show.

b.            Co-chairpersons shall serve for two years (preceding and year of quilt show).

c.            Shall be responsible for planning quilt show fund raising activities including donation quilts.

d.            Shall be responsible for design, coordination, display, and sale of donation quilt tickets.

e.            Shall turn over monies collected to the Treasurer.

Section 12:          Retreat

a.            Shall coordinate the Guild Retreat

b.            Shall turn over monies collected to the Treasurer.

Section 13:          Show and Tell

a.            Shall be responsible for sign-up sheet for persons and items.

b.            Shall designate a person to take pictures if Historian is not present.

c.            Shall submit names and items to Newsletter Chair each month.

Section 14:          Sunshine and Shadow

a.            Shall send cards, plants or floral arrangements to members.

(See Standing Rule #3)

Section 15:          Webmaster

a.            Shall be in charge of the Blog and website.

Article X               NON-VOTING SPECIAL COMMITTEES – Shall report to the Board as needed.

Section 1:            Nominating Committee

a.             Shall be chaired by the 1st Vice President and formed at the regular meeting in September.

b.            Shall consist of the 1st Vice President, last year’s President, and one non-Board member.

c.            Shall nominate one candidate for each office.


Section 1:            TAQG

TAQG Representative (Texas Association of Quilters Guild:  A non governing resource community.)

a.            Shall be appointed by the President as a non-voting member of the Board.

b.            Shall attend the TAQG scheduled meetings and serve as a liaison between the Guild and TAQG bringing information, i.e. updates, area quilt shows, helpful resources, back to the Guild.

c.            Shall serve as Guild Coordinator for TAQG Rally Day activities.

d.            Shall be reimbursed for travel expenses for scheduled TAQG meetings.  (See Standing Rule #13)

Section 2:            Bee Keeper

a.            Shall be appointed by the President as a non-voting member of the Board.

b.            Shall be responsible to know and record all bees in the Guild that choose to be recorded, their contact and alternate contact persons, current meeting days, locations and whether they are open to new members.

c.            Shall be responsible keeping guild members informed of a bee.

d.            Membership in the Guild is not required to be a member of a bee.

Article XII            FINANCES

Section 1:            The fiscal year of the Guild shall run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

Section 2:            The Guild shall be funded by annual dues of the Individual members and fund raising activities as approved by the members.

Section 3:            The budget for the current fiscal year for revenue and expenses as prepared by the Treasurer shall be distributed to the Board no later than the February Board meeting for recommendation to the membership for approval at the February Guild meeting.

Section 4:            The budget shall not be acted upon until approval by the Guild.

Section 5:            Expenses for the Guild-approved activities shall be reimbursed upon presentation of bona fide receipts to the Treasurer.


Section 1:            Any unbudgeted request for funds or expense in excess of $300.00 must be presented to the Board in writing for approval.  Following Board approval, the request must be presented to the general membership for approval by a simple majority vote.

Section 2:            Any recommendation that affects the membership as a whole must be presented to the general membership for approval by a simple majority vote.

Section 3:            None of these bylaws shall stand if found to be in conflict with existing Texas or Federal Laws.

Article XIV           NON PROFIT STATUS 501C (3)

Section 1:            Notwithstanding any provision of these articles the Guild is organized exclusively for one or more purposes as specified in the Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code for 1954, and shall not carry on any activities no permitted to be carried on by an IRCc (3) organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under IRCc (3) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent Federal Tax laws.

Section 2:           No part of the new earnings of the Guild shall insure to the benefit of any member, trustee, director, officer, or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Guild), and no member, trustee or officer of the Guild or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the assets on the dissolution of the Guild.

Section 3:            No substantial part of the activities of the Guild shall be to carry on propaganda, or otherwise attempt to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (h), and does not participate or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

Section 4:            In the event of a dissolution all the remaining assets and property of the Guild shall, after necessary expenses, thereof, be distributed to another organization exempt under IRC 501c (3), or corresponding provisions of any subsequent Federal tax laws, or the Federal Government or state or local government for a public purpose subject to the approval of a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Texas.

Article XVI           AMENDMENTS

Section 1:            These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Guild by at least two-thirds majority of those at the meeting, with a quorum present, provided that the amendment(s) has been communicated to all members of the Guild 30 days prior to voting either in the monthly newsletter, a special mailing, or hand delivered.

Section 2:            Any member may submit to the Board a written proposal to amend these bylaws.

Section 3:            A committee to study and propose changes to bylaws may be formed at the direction of either the Board or an approved motion by the members of the Guild.


A Standing Rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any monthly Guild meeting without previous notice.

1.         Guests may attend two monthly meetings at no charge prior to joining the Guild at which time the full amount of dues must be paid.

2.         Membership dues for the fiscal year shall be $25.00 for renewing and new members, $12.50 for junior members and no charge for senior members.

3.    The Sunshine Committee

a.         Shall send/deliver to members who are hospitalized overnight a certificate for fabric at one of the local fabric stores.  (Not to exceed $20.00)

b.         Shall send/deliver to members a donation to their charity of choice.  (Not to exceed $20.00)

c.         Shall send cards to members for illness, new baby or death of extended family member.

4.         A member will be eligible to win a Block of the Month once per calendar year.

5.         Members are required to wear name tags to be eligible for the name tag door prize.

6.         Fabric or items donated for community service projects shall be used to complete a project or returned to the Guild.

7.         Monthly Door Prizes

a.         There shall be at least one monthly door prize purchased for a minimum of $25.00

b.         Chances will be offered for a donation of $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 for the drawing at the Guild Meeting.

8.         After March, newsletters will be distributed only to paid members of the Guild.

9.         A committee of three members-at-large, appointed by the President, shall conduct a semi-annual audit of the Treasurer’s books in July and report their findings at the August Board meeting.  The annual audit shall be conducted after the December Guild meeting, completed by January 31 and then presented at the February Board Meeting.

10.       Non-members shall be charged an additional fee for workshops and may be charged a nominal fee for programs given by outside speakers.  These monies will be added to the Workshop/Program budget.

a.         All fees must be paid in full at the time of workshop registration.

b.         Non-members shall be charged an additional fee for workshops.

c.         Non-members may be charged a nominal fee for programs given by outside speakers.

d.         Refunds shall be given if:

(1)         The member submits a request for cancellation and refund at least 30 days prior  to the date of the workshop.

(2)        The member submits a request for cancellation and refund and a member on a waiting list can fill the vacancy in the workshop.

(3)        The member submits a request for cancellation and refund and provides another  member who can fill the vacancy; this shall be permitted only when there is no  waiting list of members wishing to attend the workshop.

e.         All eligible refunds shall be given following the completion of the workshops.

11.       Two potluck dinners will take the place of the respective Guild meetings.

12.       Format of motions at regularly scheduled meetings.

a.         Motion from the floor

1.         Requires a second from the general membership

2.         President opens for discussion

3.         President calls for the vote

b.         Motion from the Executive Committee or Board

1.         Does not require a second

2.         President opens for discussion

3.         President calls for the vote

13.       TAQG Representative will be reimbursed for mileage only to regularly scheduled TAQG meetings.

14.       Guild members who present programs or workshops may be paid no more than $50.00 for their services.  This is in compliance with the Guild’s non-profit status as determined by the IRS statutes.

15.       The amount for charitable giving will be determined annually and be made after the bi-annual Quilt Show and/or fund raising events with a proposal made by the board to the general membership for approval, to include amounts and charities or institutions.

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